The Prologue

Prologue: The Two

“Shhhhh. They are sleeping.” She looked down on them and smiled. They were her’s. They were one and the same, and they were her babies.

“Are you listening to me Ariella?” the man asked. His tall, broad frame overwhelmed the space and his agitated pacing did not help matters.

“Yes. I know but I cannot just leave them,” the woman responded. She was tiny compared to the man but her green eyes pierced the small space. It was clear that she commanded the room.

“You have to Ariella, we have to go,” the man pleaded. His body engulfed the room more and more with each urgent response.

“No, I can’t we’ll stay here. You go, I will stay here with them. I can blend in. I promise,” the woman pleaded with the man, kneeling on the ground now.

“But can they blend in? You can’t hide them, this one is already showing signs.”  

“I can. Don’t worry. No one will know.”

The man heaved one long drawn out sigh, knowing that it was impossible for him to argue with her, “Ok. Please keep them safe for me. I don’t want anything to happen to y’all. You are my everything. I am soooo sorry I got us in this mess.”

“It’s ok. I am sure. You must go or they will catch us for sure.” The woman was in tears now, knowing that she would be by herself soon and everything was about to change.

“Ok, let me hold them one last time.” The man hugged the two before kissing them on their heads as he whispered something into their ears. He looked up at the woman, “I love you. Ariella, this won’t last forever.”

“I know. I love you too.” She cried and grasped him wishing that he could hold her forever.

“Bye. My love. Be safe. Do what you have to do.” Then the man vanished and the three sat in the dimly lit cabin. Alone.


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