Chapter One: The Wish

So I know I promised a commentary this week, it just has been fairly hectic over here. So I will provide you with the next chapter of my book today and the commentary on Saturday. Comments are appreciated!

Chapter One: The Wish

“Wake up! Wake up! It’s happening!” My sister, Savannah, was yelling  as she bounced on top of me. Her dirty blonde, choppy wisps of hair flowed around her face with each bounce. She looked just like her name, thin, light and wispy just like the savannah grass.

“What’s happening?” I grumbled searching around for the clock trying to get a grasp of the time.

“The meteor shower! It’s time for the meteor shower! Rememmmmmber?!” she said grasping my face with her small hands gazing deep into my eyes.

“Oh yea. I guess I said I’d show you it, didn’t I?” secretly wishing she would have forgotten.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Come on! We need to go now!”

“Ok, ok” I laughed as I pulled a robe around her and put on my slippers.

We opened the window and crawled onto the roof being careful not to step on any of the worn roof tiles or nails.

This was my life as long as I could remember it. A plot of land  in the middle-of-nowhere Texas that Gavin, my step-father, had inherited. A house that was falling apart more and more everyday and then us, me, my mom, my sister, my step-father. All three of us in this wasteland surrounded by only corn stalks and hay pinwheels.

We laid a blanket down on the roof and sat there waiting  for the meteor shower to begin.

“What are you going to wish for?” asked Savannah.

“I’m not sure yet,” I replied back honestly. I thought to myself what would I wish for if I had only one wish? I sure didn’t want to waste any wish that could come true but unfortunately wishes were for kids. I knew that a wish wouldn’t come true for a 15-year-old like myself.

“Well I know what I am going to wish for” Savannah said firmly. “I’m going to wish that we can leave here some day and go someplace magical Hazel. Just like mommy had promised.”

“That sounds good,” I stated.

We sat there in the dark and waited for what seemed like forever when it started all a sudden.  Wisps of blazing lights streaked across the sky  like bombs were going off and the night was being set on fire.

I closed my eyes and took in the elements.  The breeze brushed my curly, auburn hair across my tan face, tickling my nose. The summer heat engulfed me with its warmth and the feel of Savannah’s hand clenched in my own.

I looked down at her as she oooooed, ahhhhhed and gasped at the shooting stars. She was enjoying this rare moment with absolute amazement. It was magical just watching her, as she believed in the impossible.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE Y’ALL TWO DOING UP THERE?” screamed Gavin from within our room causing us both to jump almost of the roof. “GET DOWN BEFORE I KNOCK YOU DOWN AND THEN SLAP YOU BLACK AND BLUE.”

Savannah and I winced and glanced back at him. His red face was swollen, his beard unshaven and the bottle was in his hand. “Let’s jump and run to the field,” I whispered to Savannah. She nodded in agreement and we stood up. He came towards the window reaching out for us with his burly hands.

We took a running start down the roof taking a giant leap at the edge of the bent gutter before ascending into the sky. It felt magical, temporarily flying in the night sky with the stars to light our way. In that split second I knew what I wanted more than anything else and made my wish mid-air.

Then a blast of white light broke through the the black sky, so that it looked like 12 in the afternoon. With it our descent came to a halt like time was still and we were floating in space. The sky went dark again and we hit the soft ground.

Our knees took the fall worse and were bruised and bleeding. We hurried to our feet and started running down the field to the pasture. We jumped over the bubbling creek and rolled down the hill to our tree and plopped down.

Savannah and I giggled happily that we made it away. Gavin would not chase us here, too drunk and in a stupor to care for the night. We laid there looking up at the sky ,the meteor shower was over as well as its splendor.

We would have to go back home tomorrow morning and face the music of our punishment. I hoped for Savannah that he would forget with the alcohol but that rarely happened. Savannah looked over at me, her face filled with just utter contentment, “So Hazel? What did you wish for?”

I smiled back and shook my head, “You know I can’t tell you baby duck. Otherwise it won’t come true.”

She sighed and then rolled over to fall asleep. I looked back up at the sky and smiled. Whispering my wish one more time I closed my eyes, only to miss the last shooting star of the night.


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