Transformation Series One- Hazel’s Room: The Canvas

Hi Y’all!

To begin the transformation series, I will begin by transforming my house room by room. I want to transform the rooms to reflect us as a family so that our house is no longer just a house but becomes our home.

I want to start with my daughter, Hazel’s room first because her room is the most incomplete in the house since we have had so many guests stay in there. Also I would like to give her a space to contain her stuff (right now her clothes reside in my closet) and a place for her to call her own and be herself in as she grows older.

Here are the before pictures and my somewhat blank canvas:

IMG_2242 IMG_2243 IMG_2244 IMG_2245

I will update you each week on changes and where we stand with our $150 budget goal.

Wish me luck and be sure to watch my video here!


What is an Alchemist?

The definition of an alchemist is a person that has the ability to change common metals to gold. They were often considered early chemists of their time- based on their works. They were also sometimes considered to be wizards since people thought they could create everlasting elixirs or cure illnesses.

I want to be an alchemist for life. I want the ability to change the silver linings within my life to gold. This is my space to show people the transformations that I am helping taking place within my home, life and world.

I also hope you can find inspiration and hope from this site as well.